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Flashing lights, that last puff, wait, is that what you said? Surrender, a drop of lavender wax, you, sneering. It’s all one big question mark that fades into a dull burn. Panadol. Hey do you think drugs help? Hey do you think drugs help? Hey do you think…

No, I was joking. Do you not know me? Wait, a puff. Hyper fucking aware, let water drown out my own noise, it’s here, it’s sand in your cracks. Welcome to resistance. Tension and everything. I kid, kid. I’m sitting cross-legged, eyes closed, I’m fine. Rub your hands, bright eyes, frozen smile. Are you here? Are you here? Are you..

You. Do you smell the flowers? Or is it the leaves? The stories! Do you want to smoke them? Imagine smouldering stories igniting your lungs, one night of love, of kisses stolen behind cars, of eyes locked over fire.

Mad berry. Sweet sour. Bite into bitter leather? It’s all in my head, I promise. I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it, I’ll..

Food in mouth, chew, smile, kiss. Is it weird that I suddenly remember how to fly?

Cold petals against warm feet. It’s crazy, the beauty in every second. Is that what you said?

Am I singing too loud?

On my mind

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Synchronicity ⭐️

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Ah. There it is. A bit of redemption in my bowl. Drink up, drink up. Last call. A flash, it’s my own bracelet, caught in the light. A fleeting kiss, a quivery wave. You are smoking and smiling at the same time. You are sitting cross-legged in front of me. Baby, what do we do today? Draw me a map to your favorite store, I’ll walk, I’ll come back, I’ll surprise you. Hey, do you remember when we walked around the streets all night? We were singing a song over and over, and holding hands. We hid from people, and sipped on whiskey in a stolen flask. We whispered and whispered. We slipped into a calm by the time the birds woke up – manic chirping- and silently watched the sun stretch out lazily to our fingertips – lightly touching- as we sat atop a broken bench.

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There’s lipstick everywhere, there’s warm humor glowing in his eyes, it’s all turning into a crazy play, it’s all a mad, mad scramble for something we don’t even understand. What is winning, what is losing? Here, we’re just trying to stay afloat on blow-up kisses, and inflatable joy. What is the meaning of the end of the day, or the bloom of a new one? Do you actually taste the yellow on the tip of your tongue or lick the last of the salty dark? Even if I try, I will never be able to explain the depth of my surreal world. I’m still coming to terms with its nuances, myself – submerged in this scintillating soup, and stunned in the softest way.

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A moment to appreciate the sheer magnitude and subtlety of the magic that swirls through our lives, fulfilling desires, granting flashes of dreams, delivering lessons, whipping up passion, cooling fever, stunning..

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Beautiful mornings, beautiful days, beautiful evenings, beautiful nights. Cannot appreciate this time of the year enough. I’m definitely a seasonal girl. Haha. Autumn/winter (even in Karachi, surprisingly) brings out the best in me.

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Climbing each stone step, she notes down the time in her notebook. Holy shit, I still haven’t cracked. Well, fuck. Fuck. In the morning, always sweeping the broken smiles off her floor, always the two bites of cereal, and a long breath. Does a kiss count if it isn’t real? Smudge of pink, and there’s a song on the radio. Now, an ad. Always the memories clinging to words. Drawing moons wherever she goes, she waxes and wanes, now a bright hello, now sullenly slipping behind a curtain. Can you see the whole in the crescent, and the crescent in the whole?