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Circle around. Memory intact. Silhouetted by the lamplight. It’s now or always.


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toda sangre llega al lugar de su quietud

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Not an actual event. More like momentum.


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some sounds awaken a very primal urge inside.

ridiculously sensitive to volume and tone,

i find myself at the mercy of vibrations.

1, 1:10, 11:11

white shalwar kameez,

turns and says, you’re beautiful.

lots of urdu ensues.

outside, people. outside, reality.

ilm kitaabi magron laake

haq diyan mundraan kanni paake,

udi jaa.

sink in ink

“But, you said..”

“Not it at all..”


Some little person heals near a body of water, and then cures someone else too. A really strange but normal concept.

Someone said, I’ll cook a cup of daal.

Alternative to sickening flashes of envy:

Re-frame the whole situation, and think,

“Thank you for choosing this path, and helping me see it is possible. I can’t help but admire you.”

apni khushboo mei sulagti hui,

madham madham…

Sometimes, I feel like just saying “star” (like the emoticon) instead of responding with words.

If my phone rings unnecessarily, I come close to the rage I knew in my youth.

Adjoining rooms aren’t the same as connecting rooms.

I will not make a mockery of it, i promise.

Raahatein aur bhi hain vasl ki raahat ke sivaa?

Sure. But, nah.



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And then I tell her as I turn out the light / I say, ” My darling, you were wonderful tonight”


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It’s some p.m. You are with me,

turning my pages, tasting my words

before it’s time for bed.

Sometimes I don’t know if it’s

you talking, or me.

Are we talking at all?



We both know this: I am here,

and you are here. So it is.


Do you remember the world that

spun around fear and hiccups?

We fueled it, fueled it. Exhausted,

we fueled it some more.

Seems far away now, doesn’t it?



(Hi, love!)

Sometimes there’s a cloud hanging

over the part we wrote together.

And I honestly can’t predict

if it’s going to rain or pour.


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from the sacred to the profane,

here i am, back again